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Rental Property Management FAQs

Are you a property owner interested in renting your Saratoga County property but don’t know where to start? Find the answers to our frequently asked property management questions right here!

Why should I choose Maxwell Property Management?

We have over 30 years of experience in the greater capital region marketplace specializing in Saratoga County. We are now one of the most experienced and qualified Real Estate professionals in the specialized area of rental and property management.

What is your service area?

We are proud to extend our full-service property management services to all of Saratoga County, including areas like Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Greenfield, Malta, Milton, Saratoga Springs, and Wilton, among others. We do consider exceptional properties outside of Saratoga County, so when in doubt, reach out!

What type of rental property do you manage?

We specialize in renting and managing middle to higher-end single-family homes. We are also happy to consider other specialty property management needs.

Why should I hire a professional management company?

The number one reason you want to hire us is to find you a well-qualified tenant.  The second reason is to take the hassle of day-to-day management off of your shoulders.

Are you the least expensive company in town?

We are a full-service Licensed Real Estate Brokerage and we are among the top in our field and our prices reflect this. Yet we are both a competitive and fair market.

How do we market your property?

The property is initially listed on our company website.  From there it is posted to the internet to 75 other top advertising sites.  We are also a full-service Licensed Real Estate Broker and advertise through our local multiple listing service. Finally, we plant a very attractive “For Rent” sign at the property if requested to do so.

How will I know what my home will rent for?

Maxwell Property Management writes over 100 leases a year, giving us a strong feel for fair market value in our area.  We offer a free rental analysis of the fair market rental value of your property.

How often is my property inspected?

Inspections are normally done one time per year or at the request of the owner.  More frequent inspections will be triggered by any red flags at the property or due to any tenant issues whatsoever.

Can you pay my monthly property bills for me?

Yes, we typically pay any monthly bills with the exception of mortgage, taxes, and insurance.  These primary bills are normally handled by the owner.

Can you give advice and guidance on how to handle real property in estate matters?

Yes, we can help the family make intelligent decisions on whether to sell the property or whether to keep the property and convert this to an income-producing investment property.

Do you handle rental property purchases and sales?

Yes, as a full-service real estate broker we can also buy and sell properties for you.

How soon can you begin managing my property?

We can begin as promptly as you wish.  Today! Call or text (518) 423-4177 to get started.

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It was certainly a pleasure to have rented from such an understanding group.

- Matthew R.

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Thompson and his staff are a great team. If there were any maintenance issues that ever needed fixing, he would come over right away and fix it himself or the girls would have somebody else over very quickly. Thompson and his staff were also very accommodating and considerate in terms of pets as well. It was certainly a pleasure to have rented from such an understanding group. I would highly recommend renting from this management team if given the chance.

- Matthew R.