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Eviction Services & Guidance for Your Saratoga County Rental Property

While our property management services minimize the risk of evictions, we do understand that sometimes it can be necessary. Should this happen, we are experts in the process of evicting a tenant and can help you with confidence.

We are not an attorney and cannot represent you in court, however, we can guide you through the New York State eviction process. We have a number of helpful resources on our website to help you better understand the steps, including our Eviction FAQ.

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We’re real estate experts with the experience and tools to help you maximize returns on your properties. As licensed brokers, we have more than 30 years of experience helping clients just like you! Call or text today to learn more about our property management services.

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It was certainly a pleasure to have rented from such an understanding group.

- Matthew R.

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Thompson and his staff are a great team. If there were any maintenance issues that ever needed fixing, he would come over right away and fix it himself or the girls would have somebody else over very quickly. Thompson and his staff were also very accommodating and considerate in terms of pets as well. It was certainly a pleasure to have rented from such an understanding group. I would highly recommend renting from this management team if given the chance.

- Matthew R.

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